Restorative Yoga – Restorative yoga is intended to be a healing and restoring experience. Throughout the class, you will be guided through settling into deeply relaxing poses using a variety of props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps). Here you can start to soften and release. This is a unique way to ‘just be' and reconnect with your breath and inner space. Restorative yoga classes may also offer reiki (a compassionate touch healing modality) and singing bowls to help you relax even further. Appropriate for anyone who is comfortable getting up and down from the floor.

Up to 💧💧  Zen (Rotating Topics) – Join us every Sunday evening for a class designed to help you work out the stress of the week and slide into a relaxing week. This class will change week-to-week, but we will announce the class topic in advance! Class choices are likely to rotate around: myofascial release with the small and large balls, yin/deep stretch, exploring mudras (hand positions) and yoga philosophy, meditation, yoga nidra (conscious sleep meditation), and once per month this will be a full restorative class with reiki. Check the schedule page, Facebook or the chalkboard in the studio to see what is happening weekly!

💧 Gentle  Yoga – This class will help you relax and unwind while getting movement throughout the body using asanas (poses).  This class also may include breathing techniques, creative use of props and a guided meditation. Pose options will be presented to allow you to personalize your practice, and allow the practice to meet you where you are - today (because every day is different).   This is a great class to start with if you're new to yoga.  Participants should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor.

💧 Deep Stretch (Yin)  Yin yoga is intended to help counter the effects of a very active lifestyle (running, cardio workouts, weight lifting, etc.)  by using time and gravity to work into the connective tissues and joints of the body. Yin yoga poses are passive, usually on the floor and typically held for 3 - 5 minutes.  This static stressing of the connective tissues causes the body to reshape and strengthen these tissues, making them more flexible.  This time frame also cultivates stillness in our mind and body allowing space for us to be mindfully in the moment.

💧💧 Yoga Basics  This class is designed around foundational principles of yoga, including finding safe alignment in poses, learning the feeling of a posture, exploring the use of props to change and enhance your practice, noticing and controlling the patterns of your breath, and calming the mind. This is perfect for beginners or anyone who would like to delve back into the basics of yoga.

💧💧 Yoga Foundations – This Viniyoga inspired class focuses on breath expansion, breath initiated movements, self-pacing and function over form. We slowly build poses from the ground up and from the inside out at the pace of your breath. This class is accessible to everyone and everyone is welcome!

💧💧 OR 💧💧💧 Slow Flow – Some previous yoga experience recommended.
This class is dedicated to creating space within! We link breath, movement, and stillness to strengthen our mind body connections. We focus on breath awareness and strengthening our bodies to expand our practice to new places.  Slow Flow classes may include Sun Salutations - a series of poses that fluidly chain together and flow from standing to laying on the belly and back up – pacing varies.

💧💧💧 Vinyasa – Some previous yoga experience recommended.
This classes focuses on building strength & flexibility, breath awareness, body alignment, and honoring oneself.  We will discover and welcome challenges while encouraging the use of props and pose options - building our practice and confidence.  This class typically includes Sun Salutations - a series of poses that fluidly chain together and flow from standing to laying on the belly and back up – pacing varies.  This is our time to reduce stress, reconnect, relax, and have fun!