At Big Heart Yoga we are a welcoming community where anyone can explore yoga. I call it “Yoga for Real People” for a reason. 😉

Participants should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor. Each class may have a variety of positions:  standing, seated on the floor, lying on the back, lying on the belly, hands and knees or standing on the knees.

Where do I start?
Come to class! It’s the hardest (and easiest) thing to do! We do not require pre-registration or sign-up for our regularly scheduled classes.  Just come to class!

Start with a “Yoga 1” class if you’re new to yoga. See the Schedule.

The studio opens 15 minutes prior to posted class start times.

Arrive early – all classes start at the posted time. The studio door may be locked when class begins.

We offer complimentary mats to those who need one. Studio mats are cleaned after every use.

Remove your shoes upon entering the studio. Please keep shoes on the lobby rug at all times.

Leave pets and children under 15 at home.

Keep your eyes on your own practice. Follow along as best you can. Every class is different.

Turn off cell phones – or anything that makes noise.

Be aware that your energy affects the studio space and every person around you.

Respect everyone’s individual practice by walking around any else’s mat space (yogis consider their mat a sacred place).

All forms of payment are accepted in the studio. 
Passes can also be purchased online.

Yoga Etiquette

Attend classes that suit your appropriate physical needs. Classes are indeed different! You can try any class you’d like – be mindful of your personal and physical safety and always honor yourself.

If you have injuries or limitations that will affect your yoga experience, let the teacher know before class. Please adjust your practice as needed if injured or tired.

It’s best to practice yoga on an empty (or almost empty) stomach.

Wear clothes that are easy to move in and comfortably hug your body. Remove jewelry, bracelets and watches that may get in the way (or make noise).

Arrive early to allow time to sign in, settle in and setup your mat space – including props. Tip: If the teacher has props on their mat, those are the ones that will be needed for class.

If you do arrive late, quietly enter and find a space quickly. Wait till after the initial centering/meditation before getting props and adjusting your practice space.

Come with an open mind and an open heart. Take time after class to reflect on your experience from the practice.

“No pain, no gain”….stays outside the studio door! Listen closely to your body in order to practice safely. If at any time you feel pain in any pose, slowly release the pose and rest. Inform the teacher if you are feeling any sort of pain – this will give the teacher an opportunity to suggest options that may work better for your body.

Every yoga teacher has a slightly different style. Finding the right class for you may take some trial and error.

The teacher may offer hands-on adjustments to help you find optimal alignment and freedom in your poses. If you are uncomfortable with this, let the teacher know before class.

Enjoy class, look within and HAVE FUN!

Please contact Kerianne at 440-487-7170 if you have further questions or concerns.