Restorative Yoga – Enjoy each pose propped up on bolsters, blankets and other props throughout the class allowing yourself to feel fully supported. You will leave relaxed and revitalized.

💧 Anytime Yoga – Focuses on meditation, mindfulness and home practice. Specially designed for service industry workers, musicians, nurses or anyone looking to try yoga. Start here!

💧 Chakra Yoga & Meditation – Gentle all level poses focusing on one or more of the seven Chakras each week, ending with a Chakra meditation to release tension, encourage reflection. Supportive props and modifications will be offered.

💧 Stretch  & De-Stress   This class focuses on traditional postures allowing for muscles to stretch and strengthen while relaxing and releasing stress all at the same time.  Every class includes a practice of Pranayama, a Mudra and Meditation.  This is the perfect class to end your day with, leave feeling relaxed and ready for rest!

💧 Deep Stretch (Yin) - Yin yoga poses are passive, usually on the floor and typically held for 3 - 5 minutes.  This static stressing of the connective tissues causes the body to reshape and strengthen these tissues, making them more flexible.  This time frame also cultivates stillness in our mind and body allowing space for us to be mindfully in the moment.

💧 Gentle  Yoga – This gentle class will help you to relax and unwind, through asana (pose) practice, including breathing techniques, and meditation. Modifications allow you to personalize your practice.  You will leave refreshed and ready to go about your day with clarity and newfound energy!

💧💧 Yoga Foundations – This Viniyoga inspired class focuses on breath expansion, breath initiated movements, self-pacing and function over form. We slowly build poses from the ground up and from the inside out at the pace of your breath. This class is accessible to everyone and everyone is welcome!

💧💧 Solar Lunar Flow – Solar & Lunar Flow is a gentle Vinyasa flow with a focus on what sign the Sun and Moon are in on that day. We’ll flow slow and learn a little Astrology too! The Sun changes signs about every thirty days while the Moon changes signs every two and half days making each week a special experience. All levels welcome. Some Vinyasa experience preferred but not required.

💧💧💧 Slow Flow – Some previous yoga experience recommended.
This class is dedicated to finding new spaces within ourselves! We will use the benefits of breath and movement combined to strengthen the body while calming the mind & warming our hearts. This class is a combination of calculated asanas, practiced with full awareness, that will strengthen our bodies & expand our practice to new places.

💧💧💧 Core Yoga – Previous Yoga experience recommended
In this class we will begin with pranayama, or breath awareness techniques and then stretch, strengthen, and tone the core muscles (shoulders, back, abdomen and hips) from the front to the back of the body.

💧💧💧 Daybreak Flow - Awaken your day by uniting breath and movement in this active, hour-long, vinyasa-styled Daybreak Flow class.  We will move from gentle warm-ups and gradually build stamina to radiantly greet the day. This class is open to all levels and accommodations will be made for beginners and advanced students.

💧💧💧 Vinyasa with Yoga Nidra – Some previous yoga experience recommended.
Each week we’ll focus on the many varieties Vinyasa Yoga has to offer, including but never limited to traditional philosophy, Sun Salutaions, Elemental Vinyasa, breaking down families of poses, myths of the asanas and more followed by relaxing Yoga Nidra

Meditation – Explore a variety of meditation techniques such as guided visualization, walking meditation, mantra, and other forms of practice.  Watch the schedule and/or Facebook for donation based meditation practices.