Restorative Yoga – Enjoy each pose propped up on bolsters, blankets and other props throughout the class allowing yourself to feel fully supported. You will leave relaxed and revitalized.

💧 Breathe, Bend & Balance -  Class will begin with a Pranayama practice then ease into a gentle flow. We’ll move through basic traditional poses while learning to incorporate props and pose accommodations. Students will be encouraged to practice body mind awareness to gain the most out of each pose. Class will end with a guided relaxation/meditation.

💧 Deep Stretch (Yin) - Yin yoga is intended to help counter the affects of a very active lifestyle (running, cardio workouts, weight lifting, etc. )  by using time and gravity to stretch into the connective tissues and joints of the body. Yin yoga poses are passive, usually on the floor and typically held for 3 - 5 minutes.  This static stressing of the connective tissues causes the body to reshape and strengthen these tissues, making them more flexible.  This time frame also cultivates stillness in our mind and body allowing space for us to be mindfully in the moment.

💧 Gentle  Yoga – This class will help you relax and unwind while getting movement throughout the body using asanas (poses).  This class also may include breathing techniques, creative use of props and a guided meditation. Pose modifications will be presented to allow you to personalize your practice, and allow the practice to meet you where you are - today (because every day is different).   This is a great class to start with if you're new to yoga.  Participants should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor.

💧 Stretch  & De-Stress   This class focuses on traditional postures allowing for muscles to stretch and strengthen while relaxing and releasing stress all at the same time.  Every class includes a practice of Pranayama, a Mudra and Meditation.  This is the perfect class to end your day with, leave feeling relaxed and ready for rest!

💧 Yoga for Living Well -This yoga class is designed for active adults. You will be introduced to the language of yoga, fundamental yoga postures, body awareness, breath work and relaxation. This class will provide you with the know-how and the how-to of yoga movement using clear instruction, explaining yoga prop usage and being open to discussion and/or questions. You will learn poses that create a strong foundation to build upon as your practice grows or changes. Participants should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor.

💧💧 Breathe & Flow - Gently flowing from pose to pose while learning to match our breath with our movement. This class will help students to gain a solid foundation for more advanced poses and help to build more confidence in our yoga practice. Throughout class we will practice positive affirmations, mudras and Pranayama. Class will end with a guided relaxation/meditation.

💧💧 Yin-Yang Yoga -  This class blends strengthening and softening elements with the purpose of balancing the body. We will combine an invigorating asana practice with long held deep stretches to cultivate a focused and meditative mind. Suitable for beginners and those who have some yoga experience looking to balance their strength and flexibility.

💧💧 Yoga for Everybody -  This class is structured around the people who come. We will work to stretch, strengthen, and find balance. We will also work with the breath and may find time for meditation. This is a great class for all levels.

💧💧 Yoga Foundations – This Viniyoga inspired class focuses on breath expansion, breath initiated movements, self-pacing and function over form. We slowly build poses from the ground up and from the inside out at the pace of your breath. This class is accessible to everyone and everyone is welcome!

💧💧💧 Core Yoga – Previous Yoga experience recommended
In this class we will begin with pranayama, or breath awareness techniques and then stretch, strengthen, and tone the core muscles (shoulders, back, abdomen and hips) from the front to the back of the body.

💧💧💧  Daybreak Flow - Awaken your day by uniting breath and movement in this active, hour-long, vinyasa-styled Daybreak Flow class.  We will move from gentle warm-ups and gradually build stamina to radiantly greet the day. This class is open to all levels and accommodations will be made for beginners and advanced students.

💧💧💧 Slow Flow – Some previous yoga experience recommended.
This class is dedicated to creating space within! We link breath and movement to strengthen our mind body connections. We focus on sequencing, a variety of asana (poses), breath awareness and strength to expand our practice to new places.